How do I sign up for classes?
Click on the “Classes” tab to be taken to our MINDBODY app. You’ll be able to register as a 1VIBE member, purchase and sign up for classes up to 14 days in advance using your credit/debit card.

How much does it cost?
A single class is $20.

When do you have classes?
We offer classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 - 9 pm to dancers ages 17 and up.

Where is 1VIBE located?
All classes take place at:
Bowing Oaks Plantation
7743 Alphons Street
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Can I buy more than one class at a time?
You can purchase multiple individual classes up to 14 days in advance.

Dangit! I registered for class but can’t make it. What’s your cancellation policy? Can I get a refund?
Cancellations must take place 24 hours in advance of your registered class (i.e., Monday by 7:30 pm for a Tuesday class and Wednesday by 7:30 pm for a Thursday class), otherwise you will automatically be marked "late cancel" and no refund will be provided. If you cancel prior to 24 hours of your scheduled class, you will be marked "early cancel, and you can re-book a future class within the 30 day booking window.

Can I rebook a class if I can’t make the one I registered for?
Yes, but you must do so within 24 hours of your registered class.

Do I have to pre-register for class or can I just walk in?
Walk-ins are welcome, but space is limited. We highly encourage you to secure your spot by pre-registering for class through the MINDBODY app.

How can I pay if I do a walk-in class?
Upon your arrival, you’ll be able to pay for class with either cash or credit/debit card.

Do I need to sign a waiver?
Yep! All dancers must sign a liability waiver before taking class. If you’ve completed a waiver prior to March 7, 2019, you’ll need to re-sign the liability waiver through our MINDBODY app or in person if you do a walk-in class.

What’s the format of the class?
We break each class up into three sections:

Warmup: We gotta make sure those muscles are ready to move! We’ll get that blood pumping with a fun and funky cardio-style warm-up, followed by stretching and a short but solid ab/arms routine.
Choreo: Typically, the same combo is taught on both Tuesday and Thursday of any given week. That means you do not have to take both nights to learn the combo in its entirety. But practice make proficient, so coming both days is always encouraged! Most weeks feature brand new combos, but occasionally, Jen brings back an oldie but a goodie to keep things interesting!
Cool down & stretch: We wrap up class with a nice cool down and stretch sesh.

What should I wear?
Wear your sneaks! Whatever sneakers you may normally wear for walking or working out. Comfort and support are key. As for clothes … you do you! Wear whatever makes you feel good.

That merch is fly! Where can I buy some?
You can purchase 1VIBE merchandise directly from our website by clicking the “Merch” tab. Shipping is available across the country. You can also purchase merch and pick-up online orders at 1VIBE class.

Why is your class only 17+?
Currently, you must be at least 17 years of age to take class at 1VIBE. 1VIBE Dance creates an opportunity for adults/young adults who love dance to continue to learn and grow in an atmosphere that feels comfortable and non-judgmental. Our choreography, content, and music is intended for mature dancers and is not always appropriate for those under 17. If you’re under 17, don’t worry! There are tons of AMAZING studios in our area that provide opportunities for younger dancers.

I have never danced before but want to take class. Should I still try it out?
Um, YES! So many members of the VIBE tribe never danced before stepping into our class. Our #nojudgmentzone environment allows you to take your time, ask questions, and learn from those around you.

It’s okay if you don’t get it on your first (or second or third or thirtieth) try! Some combos may be more difficult than others, but the more you do something, the easier it becomes. Plus, your fellow 1VIBE dancers will be your biggest cheerleaders. Come on … give it a shot! It could be exactly the thing you’ve been looking for!

Do I have to be a good dancer to have a good experience?
Negatory, friend! There is no experience required to join a 1VIBE class. Our classes are for all levels of dancers -- whether you’re just starting out or collecting paychecks off that rhythm and style. Everyone absorbs the material at a different pace, and that’s totally okay! We promise the more you come, the more you’ll pick up and the more comfortable you will feel.

This class looks AH-MAH-ZING, but I’m halfway across the country. Are there any plans to expand?
We’re currently only offering classes in Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 - 9 pm. However, we’re currently working on some new offerings that the rest of the country and world will soon be able to enjoy! GET EXCITED!

Is there a way to know what songs/dances you’ll be doing in advance of booking a class?
Typically, the song/dance is posted the same week as class (i.e., the Sunday or Monday leading up to class). We try to give you as much notice as possible but cannot make any promises!

Can I watch a class first to see if I like it? Can my mom/dad/friend/sig other wait for me and watch without paying?
We do not allow any spectators or class previews. Here’s why: One of our favorite things about 1VIBE Dance is the positive, non-judgmental atmosphere it affords all of our dancers! We want to respect everyone who has come to WERK IT OUT! For many participants, this is stepping way outside of their comfort zone, which we are here to support and celebrate. If you come to class, you must pay, and if you pay, you must dance!